Varied and Interesting Links

Here are some things I’ve run across in the past few weeks you may find interesting: FailCon. Billed as a one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others” failures and prepare for success. Talking about and sharing failure is powerful, I think worth the $79 entrance fee. Quickly […]

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Do You Have Influence? Part 3

I talked about the basics of Influence in Part 1 and Part 2, today I’m trying something harder, showing you how to deliberately use your hard won influence to evoke change. Earning influence is perhaps not simple, but it’s an easy enough formula to understand. The risk is low. Not zero, but if you’re reasonably […]

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Do You Have Influence? Part 2

I started writing on influence last week and promised some comments on how to build influence and credibility. There are a lot of ways to do both, some maybe more effective than others, and some perhaps more cynical than others. Hopefully these will get you thinking and from there you can decide what works for […]

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Do You Have Influence? Part 1

Most people blog because it’s fun, rewarding, good way to improve writing skills, be cool, and it looks good on a resume. Some people also hope to use their blog to influence others in a positive way. If you’re in the latter group, read on! During our recent excitement about the 2010 elections for PASS […]

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