Review: Gamma Seal Lids

Last weekend I needed to go to Home Depot to get a five gallon bucket and a lid so we could store some rice we had purchased at Costco in bulk. The bucket was $3, and the lids were next to it for $2. We already have one of these setups at home for flour for baking, works ok, but removing the lid isn’t easy. Keeps the bugs out at the expense of not letting you in, but as we only go to it to replenish the smaller container we use during the week. The lid wrestling has always been a reason to not buy in bulk for my wife, and dry goods like flour, rice, and sugar are prime candidates for this kind of storage.

Gamma Seal Lid - White

Sitting next to that lead was the Gamma Seal Lid, for $6 a lid that mounts to the bucket and then has an easy to turn screw off portion.  Worth $6 not to wrestle with the lid? If it worked I was willing to say yes.  I took it home and tried to push it onto the new bucket, not easy, finally put the lid on the floor, put the bucket on it upside down,and stood on the bottom to get it to click  into place. Lid unscrews easily,nothing complicated about that part.

They sell more more than $6 at Amazon, so you may want to just buy locally. Definitely a good idea and good product. Looking at reviews on Amazon it’s been available since 2007, I just didn’t know/think to look for it. So I’m sharing here, and a reminder to us all that often there are solutions if we take the time to search – though not all of the minor annoyances we encounter in life even rise to the level of a search.