Review: Gamma Seal Lids

Last weekend I needed to go to Home Depot to get a five gallon bucket and a lid so we could store some rice we had purchased at Costco in bulk. The bucket was $3, and the lids were next to it for $2. We already have one of these setups at home for flour […]

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SQLRally–Convince The Boss

This week the SQLRally team published some notes to help you convince the boss to send you to three days of great training. It’s good stuff and worth reviewing, and I want to add a couple tips of my own: Make it concrete. Get a copy of the schedule and circle your “A” and “B” […]

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Work Goals for 2011-Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my early thoughts on my goals for this year, and you can tell it’s a struggle when it takes me to the second week of February to get them finished. Why such a struggle? I think it’s because I’ve lived in nearly a constant state of change […]

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A Banner Day for SQLRally

Help us promote our upcoming PASS events by including any or all of these on your blog or in your email signature. Please link them as follows: 24HOP – SQLRally – PASS Summit 2011 – I’m not sure why we don’t have one for SQLSaturday – sending that email to HQ right […]

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PASS Update #49–SQLRally

I get a lot of questions about how SQLRally is going, which tells me that there is a lot of interest and that we’re not communicating enough. The hard part is that in some ways there is a lot going on, and in some ways not all that much! We started SQLRally last July and […]

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Updated SQLRally Flyer

We’ve updated the original flyer to the new and improved model that has the prices. The image below is a screen capture, download the real flyer to get the best resolution. We’re in the process of ordering print copies now and will be working to distribute them beginning in January, focusing on chapters/groups in the […]

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SQLRally, Pre-Cons, and Taking Risks

Before I get into my thoughts, go vote! Here are the options this year for the SQLRally pre-cons: BI Sessions: DBA Sessions: Developer Sessions: Misc Sessions: Here is the voting link. Voting closes 8 am PST on November 2nd, 2010. For those of you not following along already a “pre-con” is […]

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SQLRally Event Flyer is Ready

The SQLRally marketing team put this flyer together last week. We’ll be trying to get Chapters and SQLSaturdays to link to the flyer and we’ll also be sending out some copies to distribute as well. The link is to the color version, we have a B&W version but through the magic of technology it’s bigger […]

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