Book Review: Highest Duty, My Search For What Really Matters

Highest Duty, My Search For What Really Matters by Chesley Sullenberger is the autobiography of the pilot who landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson. I listened to it as an audio book and was pleasantly surprised, it was a well done effort that covered a lot more than just the landing in the Hudson, though it was covered well.

More than the landing I came away impressed with the man. Imagine waking up on an average day to go to work, a few hours later being a national hero and getting a call from the President, not being able to go anywhere without being recognized. I suspect few would have handled that as well.

Listening to the story rather than reading it had an added bonus. Most audio books are read by someone other than the author, with books like this even though you know that you think of the author as the one reading you the story. I’m listening along as I drive and near the end the voice changes, it’s actually Sully reading the final couple chapters. It was unexpected. He sounds like a pilot. Faster cadence, clipped, approachable. He talked about some very personal things, including his father committing suicide, and it was more powerful because it was his voice,it was him telling the story.

Listen to it if you can over reading it,I think you’ll enjoy it.