Review: The Phoenix Project

Back in April Steve Jones mentioned reading a review of The Phoenix Project by mutual friend Thomas LaRock. It’s a book about IT written as a story that covers the trials and mishaps that all of us will identify with – corrupted data, SAN failure, too many projects, unrealistic demands, etc. The goal is to […]

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Book Review: Sixkill

Sixkill is the 39th Spencer novel, and the last that was written by Robert Parker before his death. The plot isn’t bad, repugnant movie star accused of crime and everyone thinks he is guilty, so local cop Quirk asks Spencer to check into it, doesn’t want anyone railroaded into prison. The case has the usual […]

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Book Review: Moneyball

With the movie coming out I realized somehow I’d missed reading Moneyball by Michael Lewis. It’s the story of how the Oakland A’s, a team with a very small budget, are able to compete with teams that have the money to get the best players. It’s about statistics which might seem dry, but it’s really […]

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Conference Calls Are Hard

Conference calls are a fact of life for most of us. Remote offices, remote workers, clients – lots of reasons to do a call. Hard to argue with the cost, definitely a money saver. For some things they work well, for situations requiring a lot of collaboration though, they take a lot of extra effort […]

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