Sunday Night at PASS-Let’s Meet Up!

I’m a little later than I had hoped getting this announced, but hopefully not too late! For the past couple years I’ve always planned my schedule to arrive a day early for the PASS Summit, which means a day before the pre-con seminars start. It’s a chance to spend some slower paced time before the controlled chaos of the Summit begins!

Last year we struggled to find a dinner place (who wants to fly to Seattle to eat a chain restaurant?), so this year I’m working out a plan to reserve space at Lowells. It’s on the water front at 1519 Pike Place. We’ve got the third floor reserved with space for 60. The format? Well, it might be buffet, might be order dinner, bar will be open. I’ll buy the appetizers (unless I can get Rushabh to pry open his wallet instead!) and you get the rest. It’s moderate priced, good variety, we’ll be able to move around, and since they are staying open late for us, it won’t be noisy. All from 6-8 pm!

I debated calling it a dinner (it might be if you’re hungry), a networking event (if you want to network), happy hour (if you’re happy and you know it), but really it’s just an informal get together. It’s open to anyone attending the Summit, whether we’ve met or not. Bring your spouse if you want. First time at the Summit? Take a chance and attend. Find me when you arrive and I’ll introduce you to a few people and in no time you’ll find that you’ve just extended the size of your network.

Not sure about attending if you don’t know anyone? Makes sense, I have the same reaction, most of us do! It’s not going to feel awkward and you won’t be pressured. Jump into a conversation or just get some food and enjoy the view, but it’s a great way to start the week.

I’ve set up registration for it at Sunday Night Meetup. Registration is optional, but will let me contact you if anything changes, and you can see who else is attending. Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night at PASS-Let’s Meet Up!

  1. Sounds fun. Unfortunately, my flight doesn’t get in until 9:40 pm Sunday evening (11:40 pm Central time, or 12:40 AM Central daylight time, which is what I’ll be used to even when we turn the clocks back on Sunday).


  2. Gill, we’ll have other events through out the week, big and small. Hope to catch up with you sometime during the week.



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