Who Changed Jobs in 2010?

Linked in sent me an email saying that an astounding 209 of my connections changed jobs in 2010, out of about 800 contacts in my network. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? I don’t know if it’s accurate, but if it is that’s a lot of job moving! LinkedIn did a nice job on […]

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Good People Know Good People

I can’t remember where I heard this recently, but it’s been stuck in my head as one of those bits of wisdom that matches with my own experience and wanted to write it down. I think this is part of why networking works and is worth the effort. Mostly for me this happens when a […]

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More Networking Thoughts

I’ve happened to have a few networking events happen recently that I thought I’d share, all part of trying to figure out when and how networking works best. I had a friend reach out to me (and this is someone I met from another friend) via LinkedIn to reach someone 2 more levels away from […]

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PASS Summit 2010–Sunday

My day started at 5:15 to get moving for the airport. Arrived right at 2 hours early to find that there was no curbside or self service check-in for Alaska Air. By the time I waited in line to check a bag and then waited in line again for security I made it to the […]

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