Who Changed Jobs in 2010?

Linked in sent me an email saying that an astounding 209 of my connections changed jobs in 2010, out of about 800 contacts in my network. That seems like a lot doesn’t it? I don’t know if it’s accurate, but if it is that’s a lot of job moving! LinkedIn did a nice job on the email, including the graphic below? Are you included?


6 thoughts on “Who Changed Jobs in 2010?

  1. I’m not pictured, but I’d be surprised if I weren’t listed if you clicked through. It is pretty interesting to see how volatile jobs are in the tech industry. I’m curious if you surveyed your connections what the reasons for job changes were. I know that companies theoretically care about employee churn and employee retention, but I wonder how many companies are actively doing something to keep people happy (I’ve heard a lot of the “it’s a bad economy” excuse lately).


  2. Eric, I agree on the volatility, and I don’t know that it’s all due to employers, definitely a trend to move to find new challenges, I think more than I used to see it.


  3. I’m on there! I am still with the same company, though, just transferred to another department and picked up a freelance gig.

    I have definitely seen a lot of job-switching this year.

    I got one of the notices, too, and I like it. It gives me something to contact people about, in case I missed their update; it can be a challenge staying in touch with contacts.


  4. Melissa, I too like seeing the changes. It’s the reason I like LinkedIn, it’s a light weight way to engage and be engaged, far less intrusive than the direct email (“hey, I changed jobs”) approach.


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