Going to the PASS Summit? Learn to Network Too!

My friend Don Gabor is back at the Summit this year presenting a two hour seminar on Networking to Build Business Contacts. Here’s the description:

Learn to network and make professional connections that will pay off for years to come from best-selling author, communications trainer and “small talk” expert, Don Gabor. Using demonstrations, exercises, role plays, and coaching that focus on networking at breakfast, lunch, between sessions and at the evening reception Don will guide you step-by-step through the networking process. By practicing confidence-boosting skills, tips and strategies you’ll see that connecting with your colleagues is easy, fun and profitable! Take-aways include:

  • Using body language to build instant rapport
  • Introducing yourself and remembering names
  • Breaking the ice & keeping the conversation going
  • Transitioning from topic to topic
  • Ending conversations and working the room
  • Following up and building business relationships
  • It’s from 4:30-6:30 pm on Monday Nov 8th, a great way to spend some time getting in the networking groove before the opening night ceremonies start. It’s $70 and includes an autographed book! I paid my $70, because I’ve got a lot to learn about networking still and Don is simply a great teacher and networking role model. Not only that, everyone else attending wants to network too, which makes it a superb place to meet new people and practice too.

    Hope you’ll add it to your Summit schedule!