More Networking Thoughts

I’ve happened to have a few networking events happen recently that I thought I’d share, all part of trying to figure out when and how networking works best.

  1. I had a friend reach out to me (and this is someone I met from another friend) via LinkedIn to reach someone 2 more levels away from via the ‘get introduced’ functionality. It’s the most distant attempt I’ve seen so far. I forwarded with a note asking the in between person to forward it on, and she did so. Unknown so far if the connection bore fruit, but interesting regardless!
  2. The second event was from someone I had connected with at SQLSaturday #49 and spent some time discussing career moves. She emailed Jack Corbett and I asking if we knew anyone at Company X that might help her get an interview for a position she was looking at. It turned out I did, so I sent an email to my contact there explaining I knew someone that was interested in a position and some background. Again, I don’t know if it was a positive result as far as my friend being hired, but I was able to help both sides on this one, a win in my view.
  3. The third one relates to me, a friend I met way back at the beginning of SQLSaturday called to ask if I’d be interest in working with him at a client. It wasn’t something I’d normally have looked at, but because I knew him and he spoke very well of the client I decided to look further, and so far it’s been a very nice fit. A win for him, he was able to show value to the client via the referral and he got some badly needed help, a win for me as billable work is always good, and I think a win for the client (though I’ll let them decide that!).

You’ll note that all of that was stuff that was pushed to me – it was someone else using their network, and it worked because both sides had taken a small amount of time to catalog their network.

Make the small continuing investment in networking, it often works in unexpected ways.