PASS Update #45 (Agenda for SQLSaturday Roundtable)

If you’re attending the 2010 Summit and are interested in helping improve SQLSaturday, I hope you’ll register and attend our RoundTable (pwd=Wyoming) on Monday morning. I’ve invited the past/current event leaders and it’s now open to anyone that is interested. What follows are some of the topics I hope to discuss during the two hour meeting. No deck, this is a working meeting!

Rough Agenda

  • Tweaking the SQLSaturday culture
    • Focus on new/local speakers
    • Networking
    • Taking care of speakers that travel
    • Capturing lessons learned
    • Small events are ok, as are days other than Sat
    • Paid Seminars on Fri
    • Speaker gifts/shirts
    • Posters
  • Update and discussion of how we’re doing at about 6 months into the PASS adoption of SQLSaturday
    • Expectations for HQ
    • Why we follow up
  • Ideas for improvements to the public facing web site as well as the administrative tools
  • How to better communicate ideas and changes, and how often
  • Plans for 2011
    • Trying to reach all 50 states
    • Starting to look at international markets
  • National blog sponsors
  • Group purchase of SQLSaturday branded items – worth trying?
  • Future of the Advisory Council – continue, modify, disband?
  • SQLSat wiki
  • Other stuff I (or you) think of!

What do I hope to end up with?

A good understanding of how you think we are doing and what we can do better/next to help you (the proverbial list).

What do I hope you end up with?

A better idea of the impact that you’re making on PASS and the community (and not just the local community) and a sense of where we should be going as a group, and a stronger network from meeting others involved with SQLSaturday.

3 thoughts on “PASS Update #45 (Agenda for SQLSaturday Roundtable)

  1. I’ll try to get notes posted late Monday and we may set up a second discussion, hard to fit stuff into a very moving schedule right now. Hope you enjoy the precon!


  2. I also really wish I could be there too. I just sent you an email with some questions I would ask if I was there. I hope it helps.

    Andy I look forward to meeting you in person this week.


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