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I found The Literacy Project at Google after seeing a local op-ed piece about literacy. I love to read, a skill and passion that my parents contributed to by providing books, taking me to the library, and reading a lot themselves. It’s hard to imagine what my life would be without books, without being able to read.

That had me wondering where we stand on literacy, at least here in the US, and so far I don’t have a clear answer. I’d like to think that our children in school learn to read, minus perhaps those with disabilities that work against them, and even there I’d like to think that we have specialists working with them that do what can be done. That leaves me really thinking on adult illiteracy. It is a facet of learn disabilities? Or those that somehow didn’t care enough back then and hard to get started now?

I don’t know the answers, and I know I don’t know the questions to ask, I’m just curious at this point.

Along the way I found a few things, and in particular was a blog about teaching blogs – a list that is. This Top 50 Blogs for Teaching Tips, Ideas and Inspiration is worth looking at, from Open Courseware for Teachers to a Classroom Blog.

2 thoughts on “Literacy & Teaching

  1. I think one of the other issues nowadays is real literacy versus l33t literacy. All the lolspeak and text shortcuts definitely doesn’t help reinforce a kid’s proper grammar.

    Which is why we need SQL Prompt for all applications 😉 Still saves time, allows for full verbiage.


  2. Jon, I guess we’ll see how it evolves. We’ve always had acronyms, so maybe this is just an evolution of that. My take is that if they can read an IM or a text message, we’ve made a critical step, and we can figure out the grammar part!


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