Moving The Bottleneck

Most of you probably get that there will always be a bottleneck in a system. You implement a fix in one place, now something else becomes the constraint. The hard lesson to learn is that there is point of diminishing returns on optimizing (anything). Doesn’t mean you should stop, just that you should think about […]

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A Strange Day at McDonalds

A few weeks ago I was running errands on a Saturday, with an almost final stop at Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the garden. I had my daughters with me and they were ready for a break so  we stopped at McDonalds for the dollar sundae for them and iced tea for […]

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Literacy & Teaching

I found The Literacy Project at Google after seeing a local op-ed piece about literacy. I love to read, a skill and passion that my parents contributed to by providing books, taking me to the library, and reading a lot themselves. It’s hard to imagine what my life would be without books, without being able […]

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