My Favorite Attorney – Chris D’Amico

Not often I do plugs here, but then again, it’s rare that I just get first class service, so read on if you might ever need an attorney in Florida.

I met Chris four years ago when it was time to sell our business. Some things you can DIY it on, selling a business across international boundaries isn’t one of them. I went looking for someone local, made a few calls, and wound up connecting with Chris D’Amico from Dean, Mead, Egerton, Bloodworth, Capouano & Bozarth, P.A. here in Orlando. After we explained all the pieces of the puzzle he reviewed the risks, the process, and gave us a cost range for handling the transaction. He handled everything well, great follow through, and came in right in the middle of the price range he quoted.

Since then I’ve had him handle another small contract, the closing on my house, and most recently, a consultation for my Mom that had a few moving parts to it. I can definitely say that if you’re buying a house, getting an attorney to handle it is worth while. For once when I had to sign the papers at the closing I could relax, knowing all had been checked and was correct.

All of that is good and worthy of a recommendation, but what reminded me of how much I like having Chris in my address book was that once he had a chance to check into what my Mom needed, he sent me a note explaining that they could (and would) handle it, but that she could probably get it done more cheaply at a smaller firm and would recommend someone if she wanted to do that. How often do you see that?

His name isn’t on the letterhead yet, just a matter of time!