Lenovo–Three Strikes

Last Friday Lenovo told me my new laptop would ship this Monday, or “much much sooner”. Monday I called to check the status – seeing as how the online status page still was not updated – to be told that due to constraints it would not ship until the 27th. The agent was unable to […]

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A Strange Day at McDonalds

A few weeks ago I was running errands on a Saturday, with an almost final stop at Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the garden. I had my daughters with me and they were ready for a break so  we stopped at McDonalds for the dollar sundae for them and iced tea for […]

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Literacy & Teaching

I found The Literacy Project at Google after seeing a local op-ed piece about literacy. I love to read, a skill and passion that my parents contributed to by providing books, taking me to the library, and reading a lot themselves. It’s hard to imagine what my life would be without books, without being able […]

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