Thursday Night at the PASS Summit

It’s early days for thinking about the Summit, but as I wrote the post for yesterday about not submitting I was thinking about Game Night (which I hope continues) and trying to think what else we might do for a small(er) group given that we have rooms available. That took me back to something I’ve wished for across the years, a chance to talk to and teach those thinking about a future run for the Board of Directors how things work. How to prepare, what to expect, common mistakes, and maybe most interesting a mock Board meeting to show how things work (or don’t) when its not really a hierarchy. I’m thinking 2 to 2-1/2 hours, staying positive, sharing ideas and ideals without getting in the weeds. Not something I’d want to deliver all on my own, but I think I could round up a pretty good group of current/former Board members that would participate and help shape a useful and balanced event.

Good idea? Too intense for a night off? Appreciate any thoughts you have while I figure out if and how to pitch it to PASS.