No Summit Submission This Year

I had three ideas I considered submitting this year:

  • Devops for the DBA
  • SQL Checklists
  • Learning Plans v2

I’ve presented the first topic a few times in different forms, still not quite figure out. I did the one on checklists once, but while I think its valuable, it needs some good quality checklists to go with it and I haven’t built those yet. Learning Plans will be an iteration or two on the presentation I did for several years at the Summit. I have some good stuff to add/change in mind, but it needs time to gel more than time to write it.

Submitting session for the Summit is interesting. You can knock out a bunch of ideas in the form of a title and an abstract, then write it if its accepted. Not dumb. On the other hand, whatever you put in the abstract locks you in – attendees expect to you deliver what they read in the abstract. I think technical topics are better suited for write-if-accepted, but ideas, conceptual topics, those have to evolve at their own pace to get the best result.

Thinking about next year, I’m also looking for a topic that might be worthy of a full day. I’ve taught a lot of day and week classes, but never one at the Summit. Maybe a worthy goal.

Anyway, for those of you who submitted, I’ll be watching with a bit of envy as many of you get picked for this year. Best of luck!