Pausing PASSWatch & What's Next

I just posted Pausing PASSWatch on the PASSWatch blog, wrapping up a project that ran about 16 months. It’s hard to call it a success, based both on stopping it and not accomplishing as much as I hoped, yet I don’t see it as a failure either. I learned a lot and maybe did a little good too.

Stopping that project doesn’t end my interest or enthusiasm in PASS. I’m about half way done with a long form post on financial reserves – an important but arcane topic. I received great answers back from PASS on my initial set of questions and I’m still integrating/processing those. Look for that by the end of this month.

After that I’m going to write a post proposing a PASS Academy to train the next generation of PASS leaders on being PASS leaders. Lots of ideas and lots of reasons to do it. Hoping to finish that in March and then see if I can get the Board to put some money into it for the next fiscal year.