SSC Question of the Day: DBCC Error 6

My latest question of the day on SQLServerCentral is DBCC Error 6. Text of the question below:

As the on-call DBA, you received calls of timeouts and errors on a SQL 2012 SP3 instance used for testing. You track the issue to IO requests that are taking longer than 15 seconds and coordinate with the server team to move the instance to another node. Once that is complete you check the log and see that the database is still in recovery and recovery seems set to take awhile. It’s near the end of your shift, so you hand off with a reminder to run DBCC once recovery is complete.

The next day you check the log as part of your daily routine and see that recovery completed and no further IO errors were noted. The DBCC was executed, but it failed with this error:

DBCC CHECKDB (MyDB) terminated abnormally due to error state 6. Elapsed time 0 hours 15 minutes 12 seconds

Based on what you know of the history of the incident and what you see in the log, what would be your diagnosis and recommended next step(s)? (Choose 2)

Go to DBCC Error 6 to see if you know the answer!