SSC Editorial: The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver. Ever scoffed at personality types? Surely none of us are just one thing, but often we are mostly one thing, or at least one thing that is easily identified as being a big part of who we are. Writing this I was thinking about two things from the perspective of a manager:

  • If I have problem solvers I need to give them challenges that matter to the business and that keep them engaged, and be mindful that they can easily spend time on stuff that “doesn’t matter” if I don’t
  • Much harder is to understand is what the other “types” need. Fairly easy for me to work with problem solvers because I am one. For others, I need to do more to figure it out

The personal challenge for me is to not see life as a quest for bigger and bigger problems to solve. Dragon slaying is fun, but not necessarily the best use of my talents or energy – even if it seems like it is.