Follow Up Thoughts on the Board Q&A/Town Hall

Reflected a bit more while driving last night on the PASS Q&A held yesterday and my in the moment notes I posted, bunch more stuff:

  • I hope it won’t just be the officers each time. Made sense for this first effort (and maybe the next), but I think we’d like to see more of the entire Board, get a sense of what and how they are doing.
  • I don’t think we need to see the entire Board each time? Broadcasting the one at the Summit would be a good way to do this once a year.
  • I think a Town Hall is a better metaphor than just Q&A. I’d love to see a 5-10 minute quarterly briefing on a few key topics, then open up for questions on all topics
  • I think that when the questions end, there should be a pause and maybe a quick recap of action items, and if it takes less than an hour to get done, no reason to stay online just in case someone logs in really late.
  • Recording that briefing part might be a really interesting item to show at Chapter meetings
  • Need a good plan if there are more questions than time. Not practical to just keep going, but depending on volume/interest might be worth adding a commitment to follow up on them in writing or schedule an extra meeting to try to complete
  • I’d like to see more very targeted meetings where complex topics could be discussed. NomCom for example, speaker selection, etc.
  • It might also be interesting to hold these during in person Board meetings, simplifying the logistics

I’ve been to a fair number of town halls and they can be very effective, if they are focused on sharing key messages (not all messages), is made personal (awards, achievements, etc) that make it about people too, isn’t too long (FYI, 3 hours is too long unless you have a break and refreshments, and even then, it’s too long), and if the leader/speakers answer questions calmly and openly (and note that I’m not implying that didn’t happen at the PASS one).