PASS Summit 2013-The Entire List of Posts

This year I went with numbers instead of “Monday” or “Day 1”. I think I like it better. Easier to post multiple times if I want to, no glaring gap if I miss a day (I didn’t!). Should have tagged them as “Summit 2013” instead of just PASS, a reminder hopefully for next year. Looking back at them I wish I had written more about the people. I meet and talk to so many great people, not sure these posts convey that, or the sense of the family reunion. I didn’t get the titles consistent the first couple days, I fixed the titles but left the original links. Another note for ‘next time’.

I debated about including the ‘I’m Not Presenting’ post. It wasn’t during the Summit after all. I read it again and was pleased that I wasn’t too whiny. I like those thoughts I wrote then and I’ll be submitting sessions again next year. Maybe reading that post will calm or inspire someone.

It’s worth the effort to log the journey. I used these to go back and find some things I didn’t put on my todo list, and I’ll refer back to them next year too. Are they useful besides that? I’m grateful to one reader that sent me this:

You blog post brought me to the event through your description of the environment around the conference, others simply tell of the specific session or event, you bring the whole experience.

And with that, here is the whole stack. Enjoy, and I hope to see you next year in Seattle.

The 2014 PASS Summit will be in Seattle November 4-7, 2014. Early Bird registration cost through December 6th, 2013 is $1095 – tell the boss that savings will cover most of the travel. I recommend that you arrive before 6 pm Pacific on November 3rd so that you can attend the Networking Party hosted by myself and Steve Jones.