PASS Summit 2014-Networking Dinner & After Hours

Yes, it is early, but I’ve set up the invitation for the fifth annual Monday Night Networking Dinner at the 2014 PASS Summit. Thinking it is one task done, or at least started. I still have to decide on the restaurant.

I’m also doing it in the hope that you will create an After Hours event of your own. It can be before the event begins, during, or after, maybe something like the Photo Walk Pat Wright hosts. Can be big or small, maybe it’s a dinner invitation for 3 people to join you to talk about some shared interested. Look at the schedule from this year and find a gap, it tends to stay about the same year over year. My only suggestion is to try to not book something at the same time as a PASS sponsored event. After 9 pm should always be good, before then I’d say ok if it’s a small group.


  • Give it a good descriptive name
  • Use EventBrite to manage your group, but don’t get hung up on tickets
  • Be sure to do a follow up the day before or if anything changes
  • Be clear about who pays!
  • Simple works best

Why not figure out the idea now and get it done?