PASS Summit 2013 Report #14

More quick notes, it was a busy day:

  • I saw down with PASS Board Rick Bolesta after the keynote to discuss his fifteen years of service. I’ll be publishing that interview sometime next week.
  • Lunch today was ok, not as good as yesterday.
  • I had a chance to interview the PASS Officers today at 2 pm. I’ll try to get those notes finished and posted in the morning.
  • At 3 pm I held an informal discussion about mentoring and some ideas I had for how it might be done at the local group level. That turned into a really good discussion, and that turned into a chance to do a trial run right there in the community zone.  Hard to describe in a few sentences, but thanks to a great group of people I got to do 8 iterations of a 5 minute approach to mentoring at a user group over the course of two hours. Lots more on this soon!
  • After that I took a break, networked some, and then walked back to the hotel to drop off my bag
  • Tonight was community appreciate night at the Nascar Hall of Fame. It’s connected to the Convention Center, a very nice set up. Good variety of food and plenty of it. Well organized. I think it felt less hectic than Gameworks in Seattle. I stayed for over 2 hours, then spent some time after that chatting with some first timers and then some friends.
  • I always like to ask the first timers if the Summit lived up to their expectations. We tend to talk about the event with such enthusiasm I worry about expectations being too high. Both people I talked to said it exceeded their expectations. Can’t ask for better.
  • I spoke with quite a few vendors today, all said that everything was going well and that being in Charlotte had not resulted in any problems for them.

I just finished packing up, amazingly it wraps up tomorrow. Before then I’ve got a few more people to see, I’ll be sitting in on the Board Q&A tomorrow, and I’ll be making time to watch Rick Bolesta do his presentation on leadership. I’m flying home tomorrow night and it’s less than a 2 hour flight to the same time zone. The only thing better would be having it in Orlando!