PASS Summit 2013 Report #13

Incoming President Thomas LaRock up. 3000 viewers of PASS TV yesterday. Adam Jorgensen the the new VP of Finance and Denise McInerny is the new VP of Marketing.

Talking about expanding into the BA Conference. Changed the mission statement to say data professionals. Next BA Conference is in San Jose May 7-9, 2014. Interesting that BA Conference will change locations. Will the Summit switch locations after being in Seattle next year?

David DeWitt starting his talk now on Hekaton. I won’t write much on this, I want to really pay attention. Go watch the recording if you missed it live. Here is my over-simplified summary:

Hekaton isn’t just taking the tables we know and love and moving into memory. It’s a new lock system, new data structure, but it looks like the tables we know and love.

It looks like it’s going to work best in situations where we don’t expect a lot of conflicts (times when you would do optimistic locking today). Not sure that is full or complete guidance (or understanding).

I walked to the back of the room to watch for a few minutes. Room is very close to full, not many seats open. Everyone paying attention. Some trying to record from phones, but I didn’t see anyone doing email or talking. Clearly a few are on twitter and that’s ok, but this presentation takes too much energy to follow for me to read the tweets at the same time!

Be sure to read the restrictions. Not quite a magical turbo switch (close!).

Very nice presentation. I think even for those that don’t want to really get into the internals to get a view of how complex the underlying code is, and I think understanding the size/complexity makes features a lot more interesting.