Skills I Used Last Week

Ever thought about what your average week looks like? What are the real core skills your environment uses every day or every week? I tried to write down all the variations I did last week, during an admittedly slow week:

  • Adhoc full backup of a database
  • Restore database with different name on same server
  • Restore database with same and different names on different server
  • Copy backup file to different server
  • Modified logical file names after restore
  • Made database read only
  • Made database not read only
  • Renamed database
  • Responded to alert because of log backup failing
  • Identified log backup failing was due to no full backup, which in turn was due to a database being switched from simple to full
  • Notified a colleague that a handful of databases were in simple mode (which he changed, leading to above!)
  • Revised script to fix logs with excess VLF’s
  • Reviewed list of deadlocks for previous day (5 total)
  • Watched colleague run script to detach/wait for files to move/re-attach 300+ databases as part of storage upgrade
  • Coached someone on TSQL syntax for a query
  • Reviewed query plan of a query (was good enough)
  • Reviewed source code for a beta UI for a restore app to facilitate internal/recurring work
  • Wrote script to identify orphaned users in databases (SQL & Windows(old domain accounts)) and ran on all servers, next step is review and then fix/drop
  • Started looking at SQL auditing solutions
  • Added a group to a role after a restore to non-prod
  • Did my professional development learning (and then some)

Bread and butter work. I probably missed some, but I’ll be watching for those over the next few weeks. I’m interested for a couple reasons:

  • Are there tasks that I do so much that it’s worth investing in a way to do them faster and/or make self-service? (or perhaps that could be done a better/different way than the current approach?)
  • What skills am I growing?
  • What skills am I not growing?
  • What skills do I need to grow based on work I do or see being done?
  • How long of a time span do I need to get a 80-90% coverage rate on tasks required?

It’s not an analysis I want to do every week or every month – maybe 2-3 times a year, as part of my professional development review. Understanding if the work is staying the same is good to know, and equally good to know if it’s evolving. Writing it down helps to figure it out.

5 thoughts on “Skills I Used Last Week

  1. Hey Andy, This is a very good idea — I think I will do this based on my (recent re-written) job description, to see what I’m doing regularly and what’s being neglected. Thanks.


  2. Hi Andy.
    It’s a great idea.

    I’m a SQL SERVER beginner. I’m looking for a book or a tutorial with the real core skills to progress. The books are to therical.
    Maybe you could write a complete tutorial based on the work you have done on a month.
    With difficulty, the points to be careful, how long it takes and the risks?

    Thanks a lot


  3. Thanks for posting this!! It gives people who have an interest in the field an idea as to what their daily life will be like. May I suggest to talk it up with your SQL network, I would be curious to see how a developer, DBA, BI and analyst would differ. Noticed nothing on SQL Saturday 227 (Charleston) or 237 (Charlotte), guess by now those have been become pretty routine ;-).


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