Building a Better Litter Box

First, I know as I write this that my friend Kevin will be emailing me later today that I’ve jumped the shark again (is it possible to do it more than once?)! Still, it’s every bloggers right to inject a small amount of whimsy into what they write and I’m exercising that right today.

Over the years we’ve always had cats and that means a litter box. I don’t know if we’ve tried them all, but it feels like we have. From a basic box to a covered box to the automated ones there is just a certain amount of effort required if you have an indoor cat. Eventually it breaks or turns into too much effort or we just see something that we think will be better and then we’ve spent another $20 or $30.

Recently my wife declared that it was time to replace our current box. My response (and you’ll see the geek/problem solver mind at work here) was that we should just make one since it won’t last forever anyway. So we do some searching and brain storming (more than $30 worth I’m sure), dig around the house to see what we have, and we go to work.

The basic container is a Sterilite plastic box measuring roughly 22”x18”x16” with a snap-on lid. The size worked out for the under counter area where we keep it. Inside that we put a plastic tray that was about 4” high and just barely fit. We cut a domed shape entry on the front with a utility knife and called it done. Works pretty good. Easy to clean and does a good job of containing the litter. Truly a better box? Probably not, but it works and it was fun to re-use stuff we had around instead of just buying something.


3 thoughts on “Building a Better Litter Box

  1. We did this about 4 years ago — it’s the best solution I’ve found to keep the smell away. I used a clear box so it’s easy for me to see what I need to do, and it means my cats can see what they’re doing as well (discovered a long time ago they didn’t like the commercial covered boxes).


  2. I had to reply to this. The genius here is not the homemade box or the fact that it is enclosed, though those are clever ideas. My take away is something you did not even mention and is barely visible, but that is where the palm hits the forehead for me. A BAG IN THE LITTER BOX. Why have I been tormenting myself all these years. I am ashamed to admit I never thought of that.


  3. Hey, take lessons where you can find them! The funny part is the cat has been tearing the bags up, I’ve been trying to think of something better – tougher bags, paper, something – just because!


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