Notes From The August 2012 OPASS Meeting

  • Luis Figueroa did a nice job presenting on Master Data Management. It’s nice to see the tools evolving, though I’ll confess to thinking that MDM is one of those dreams that is rarely achieved in most organizations.
  • Jen Underwood did a presentation on predictive analytics. Lots of good background on the terminology, nice demos, and I thought a very honest appraisal of where the MS predictive tools rank (good, but you can get better if you pay the bucks).
  • Luis drove up from South Florida and Jen from Tampa, thank you both so much for making that investment of time – it’s a lot of driving!
  • I think it never fails to strike me that the sign of a good presentation is that it makes you want to go try it!
  • Five of us at the meeting will also be at SQLSaturday Orlando – me, Mike Antonovich, Rodney Landrum, Jen Underwood, Luis Figueroa.
  • We still have seats open for the seminars by Kendal Van Dyke, Jonathan Kehayias, and Tim Mitchell.
  • After the meeting we reviewed the status of SQLSaturday Orlando. Not quite ready but only a few things left to do. We’re incredibly lucky to have Karla Landrum on the team, and I think about how important that is to the success of PASS and SQLSaturday – she is staying current with the work and challenges of running an event, it’s not just a mental concept.

We also discussed a couple ideas going forward for SQLSaturday Orlando:

    • We should field a plan for next year to give speakers 1/2 price admission to seminars. Would cover our costs and be another way to show our appreciation for their efforts.
    • We’d like to get some flashy SQLSaturday ties. I almost wore a tie once this year, a seven year streak I’m reluctant to break. But if I have to wear a tie shouldn’t it be a SQL one?

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