Fortune Cookie Marketing

I took a break from work today to look in on an informal event a friend was hosting at his office. It was designed to get his team closer to his customers within the business, do some on site immediate assistance, and in general try to make sure they knew the team was there when needed. A pretty good idea all in all. I went as a show of support, but also to observe, never know when you’ll see an idea worth borrowing, and that was definitely true today.

One of the many small items they had to hand out were fortune cookies. I took one without thinking about it, opened it up while he went on to spend time with “real” customers, and I was surprised and pleased to see that the fortune was a message from his team! Turns out that fortune cookies with a custom message aren’t all that expensive. I did a quick search, can get 500 of them for $62 at MyLuckyFortune (and there are similar sites).

I’ll find a use for this idea soon!