Tampa IT Pro Camp Coming on September 22,2012

The Tampa IT Pro Camp will be held September 22 at New Horizons in Tampa (different location than last time). It’s the weekend before SQLSaturday Orlando, so I’m just going down for the day (and breaking my no back to back weekend rule for the first time this year). I submitted two presentations, one about SQL Security that targets the non-DBA crowd, and this one, which will be it’s first run:

Career Development – What Should You Learn Next?

Before you can write a professional development plan you have to decide where you”re going. Do you want to be 10% better at what you do now? Make 10% more money? Both! Or prepare for the next job, and what should that job be? These are HARD things to figure out and until you do, your development plan isn”t going to be focused. Come to this presentation to hear ideas on the questions you should be asking, where to look for role models and mentors, some thoughts on whether (and when) you should consider going into management, and how to take an entrepreneurial approach to your own career.

I’m really writing that one for me – I need that road map as much as anyone, maybe more!