Attention Speakers–Sign Up for SQLSaturday #85 in Orlando!

Our call for speakers for #85 will be open about another 10 days, and then Bradley Ball can jump into the fun and chaos setting up the schedule. As always we’re going to try to give everyone one presentation and we’re friendly to first time speakers too!

Reasons to speak at our event:

  • We’re the only SQLSaturday that weekend (no one wants to compete with us….hmm, probably not, but sounds good)
  • Speakers will be getting an interesting gift. Last year it was a very nice coffee cup. This year, something we don’t think you’ve received yet!
  • Weather in Orlando in September is gorgeous. Send the family to Disney World while you’re here!
  • The speaker party. Want first class networking, we’ve got the location for it, perfect for long talks and dinner
  • The fun of emailing Brad with schedule changes and suggestions (don’t under estimate this one)

Seriously though, we have a lot of fun, low key, good logistics, lots of low cost hotel and travel options if you decide to visit. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends at the speaker party and making some new ones. Hope you can make it.

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