Energy Efficient Offices

I work with a client that recently moved into a newly renovated space in a smaller office building. The renovation was nicely done, and as part of that they put in some effort to make it energy efficient. Compact fluorescent bulbs in the hallways, some new windows for natural light, and motion switches for overhead lights in most rooms. It’s a nice space.

I’ve had the chance to visit the office a few times now, and it’s interesting to think about how it works. I think the first thing I noticed is even though it was a complete renovation, there are no hands free faucets in the bathroom. That makes me wonder – does it cost too much to put them in or operate them compared to what it would save in water? The windows aren’t tinted either, does the tint lower the natural light in the office requiring most lights to be on, or was it too expensive to apply, or just not something they thought of (in Florida?).

There’s a humorous side too. My friend tells me that if you, ah, spend too long in the bathroom the timer turns the light out, and of course at that point you’re hidden from the motion sensor!