Bloggers-Don’t Blog About Spam!

Earlier this week I posted Bloggers, Quit Worrying About Spam, discussing what I felt was an over-focus on preventing spam in blog comments. I stand by that, but since that post the rate of spam being posted to my blog is up by a factor of 10 or more. Whether that’s because the spammers finally found me based on the post or whether it was just a coincidence doesn’t matter, it’s definitely more noise.

Akismet has, as of this writing, tagged over 100 comments as ‘pending’. Not as true spam (though surely most are), but at least they aren’t all publicly visible and there by somehow enriching the idiots (I try to be nice here, but seriously – random posts to blogs to make money?) that engage in this madness.

Anyway, let the spammers do their worst, I’d still rather make it easy for you to comment.