Do You Have Other Opportunities Open?

Imagine you’re talking with a recruiter about a position that seems like a good fit and during that conversation they ask “Do you have other opportunities open?”. What’s the right answer? And what is the underlying intent?

In general I’m in favor of honesty, but I’m also in favor of being employed! If you say “I’m looking at two other positions” does that decrease their interest level, or does it make you appear more valuable? If you say “No, nothing else right now”, does that mean that they push another candidate they might lose and hold you for the next time? Or is that just conspiracy theory thinking?

Another alternative is the tried and true “why do you ask?”, which in hindsight would have been good as I wouldn’t be guessing on this particular question. I suspect they have a reason, but I suspect answering yes doesn’t improve your relationship or your chances.

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