SQL Bloggers – Build Your Brand And Sponsor SQLSaturday #49

As you may know we like to try new stuff here in Orlando, and this is another new thing. I’ve been wanting to do more to help build individual brands, and the struggle is to do something meaningful, interesting, affordable. Hard to do.

If you write a SQL blog that is your blog, not a corporate blog, then you can sponsor SQLSaturday #49 for $5. For $5 we’ll put your name up in smaller lights at the event, but still up there, a chance to get people thinking about blogs and thinking about you! Bloggers who are speaking at #49 will get this for free (still need to add your info to the sponsor form).

Why $5? Why not $25? I’m hoping to have 50 SQLSaturday’s a year. I (as me the blogger) would like to sponsor all of them, why not? At $25 each, that’s a lot for a blog that doesn’t run ads! At $5 each, I’d do it just for the karma, a $250 investment in the community.

Does it add up to enough to make a difference? Don’t know. If a 100 bloggers signed up, that would be interesting. If two do it, it’s not much money, but it buys a gift card we can give to a volunteer. It could be gamed, so approval of the sponsorship will be a value judgment that Jack and I will make, but obviously we’re in favor of having as many participants as we can.

5 thoughts on “SQL Bloggers – Build Your Brand And Sponsor SQLSaturday #49

  1. Karla, if its pointing to an individual blog/logo then it’s fine, the intent is to let individuals participate/build brands.


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