The SQLSaturday Squirrel

A bit of mid week humor. Recently I met up with Jack Corbett to review our room options for SQLSaturday #49 at Seminole State College. I was there early on a quiet Saturday morning, so I dropped my bag in the gazebo below and walked around some. When I returned, there was a squirrel on the railing and it stayed in place as I walked back into the gazebo, taking the final picture at 2-3 feet. Didn’t have any food, so after calmly posting for the photo the squirrel scurried away looking, it seemed, mildly disappointed.

The gazebo below is part of the lunch area for SQLSaturday #49, we eat picnic style all around this area and in mid October it’s a perfect way to enjoy some sun. If you’re near Orlando, hope you’ll join us on October 16, 2010, and maybe you can feed the squirrel too!






2 thoughts on “The SQLSaturday Squirrel

  1. I’m voting for Jack Corbett. I’d rather be the tiger or the lion! Which hopefully we won’t see at the college.


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