SQLRally Meeting Minutes

The starting point for a good meeting is an agenda and minutes. It took us a bit to catch up, but the minutes of our planning meetings so far are now available thanks to some work from PASS HQ, you can see them at http://www.sqlpass.org/Events/PASSSQLRally.aspx. I hope you’ll read them. I know minute aren’t page turners!

As I read them and think about all the discussion, it’s interesting how there are so many small discussions to be had and so many small decisions to be made. At a high level I think the formula is simple and direct, and now we just do all the things we can think of to make it work. In some ways I wish I could ask all of you on a lot of these, but that just doesn’t scale. Instead, we’ll share the minutes along with supplemental posts, and ask for your input on things that I think you’re most interested in or consider to be fun; picking the logo, pre-con process, and speaker selection.

Anyway, read the minutes.