Attending TechEd 2010

It’s been a couple years since I’ve attended and always found Teched to be a great event, more content than you can possibly consume and first class treatment (or as close as you can get with 10k or so attendees). Didn’t plan to go this year as I’ve been trying to cut back on travel, but finally decided to go when I received an invitation to attend on a press pass.

Of course I’m a blogger, not exactly a reporter, so it’s uncharted water for me, and that was the real attraction. The details are kind of vague, seating at the keynote and the chance to do some interviews (but who?). Seems like a good opportunity for networking and to learn some lessons about how MS handles/supports press, maybe something I can take back for use with PASS.

I’ve never been to New Orleans either, and have to admit that and the relatively short travel time made it easier to decide to go. I’ll hit Cafe du Monde, not sure what else.

Flying in Sun, leaving Wed night, sadly missing the closing night party. I’m sure I’ll spend most of my free time in the SQL sessions, though how much free time there will be remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Attending TechEd 2010

  1. Let me know when you get in, Andy. I’m totally up for hitting Cafe Du Monde with you for beignets. Also, Central Grocery is cool – they invented the muffuletta sandwich there. And there are so many great restaurants in N’Orleans. I’m sure we can find many good places!



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