SQLSaturday #49 Call for Speakers is Open & Call for Our PreCon Seminar

SQLSaturday #49 will be held in Orlando on October 16th, 2010, and our call for speakers is now open. We’re looking for diversity of topics and speakers; don’t be afraid to submit a niche topic! This year we’re trying two new things:

  • We’re going to do have one set of ‘super sessions’ from 1-3 pm that run the full 2 hours. Selection for this will be based on topic and speaker experience/skill. Talking for 2 hours is definitely harder than doing 2 1 hour sessions, but if you’re up for it – submit your abstracts as part 1/part 2 and we’ll consider it!
  • Next, we’re also adding a dedicated sponsor track. Our six top sponsors will each get one hour to showcase their product. Most of our attendees don’t get the chance to go to the Summit to see the demos in the Expo, so we thought we’d give them a chance to get a deeper view of what some of these products can do. If you’re affiliated with a sponsor be sure to submit a session for this dedicated track.

Next, as we’ve done in previous years we’re going to run at least one full day seminar on October 15 priced at $99. Seminar runs 9am to noon, then 1-4 pm. So, if you’ve got a 6 hour seminar ready to go and are interested, send a note to sqlsaturday49@sqlsaturday.com. Here’s how we work it:

  • We’ll guarantee your travel and hotel expenses
  • We handle collecting the money
  • We provide attendees with lunch as part of the $99 fee
  • We take all expenses out of the gross, split the profit (if any) 50/50 between oPASS and the speaker
  • You also commit to doing at least one session on Saturday

We’re going to take all the submissions and send them out to our user group and ask them to vote on which one(s) they would be interested in attending and if they would be willing to pay for it. From that we’ll do our final selection. It’s a good way to add some value to SQLSaturday, with luck we raise a few each dollars for the user group, and it’s way for one lucky speaker to get their expense paid for the trip!