PASS Update #29 (March 2010 Meeting Minutes)

The minutes from the March 2010 Board meeting were released last week and I hope you’ll review them carefully. Viewing them requires you to login to

Note: We seem to have to have failed to post the Feb 2010 minutes, will check into that.

I think the March minutes are a big step forward for us in terms of sharing more than just results of votes, but I think it’s also awfully hard to really convey the feel of a meeting. It still requires some reading between the lines.

Going forward I’ve proposed that we pause at the end of each agenda item and make sure we’ve captured the pro/con of the discussion along with any todo items. That is just good meeting practice, but it will also help us make sure we get the right details in the minutes.

We’re moving forward on transparency, now will you do your part? Read the minutes, blog or tweet your thoughts, make sure everyone knows the minutes are available. Finding part of them unclear or just want more info – ask!

2 thoughts on “PASS Update #29 (March 2010 Meeting Minutes)

  1. Great meeting minutes. Looks like there was a lot of good discussion. It’s really helpful to read this kind of thing and see the level of thought that’s going into each decision, and it’ll help prevent the community second-guessing the outcomes.


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