SQLSaturday PowerPoint Template – Looking for Suggestions

Sanj Gandham from PASS HQ set up a basic template for SQLSaturday presentations, you can download it from here. Our plan is to post a link to it on the session submission page, and then leave it up to each event leader as to whether they’ll use this template or a different one. If you’ve done Powerpoint you’ll know that the slide design matters. You can easily swap templates without changing the text, but that doesn’t mean it will look good when you’re done!

So….before we start using it, thought I’d solicit some input. Anyone want to put together something better/different? Recommend changes to the current one?

5 thoughts on “SQLSaturday PowerPoint Template – Looking for Suggestions

  1. Not sure how much I like or dislike the template. Seems sort of bland, but I guess I would need to see one filled out. I’m also not sure that I would want anything more exciting. I guess I’ll give the template a go when I’m getting my presentations together for Jacksonville and see how I like it.


  2. I was at SQLSaturday #30 in Richmond this past weekend (my first SQLSaturday). I kind of enjoyed the fact that each presenter (myself included) was able to create slides in their own personal style.


  3. I can see that. Probably a 50/50 split of those that like it uniform, those that dont. Here in Orlando this year I think we’ll mention the deck, but I’d never go as far as requiring it. If someone wants to do green letters on black, go for it!


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