Notes from Orlando Code Camp 2019


  • Speaker party was well attended which makes it more interesting, the only downside was that the restaurant overall was LOUD, so much so that sometimes you’d have to speak into someones ear to be heard
  • Signs and logistics were good
  • Turns out turkey sandwiches are either really popular or they didn’t order the right mix, a lot of ham sandwiches were left. They don’t charge for lunch, so that’s the limit of complaining.
  • I did a presentation on constraints and as always its fun to talk about the philosophy and hear the different points of view from attendees. I’ve never thought finding the middle ground was hard, but if you’re anti-foreign key then we have a different view of the middle.
  • Quite a few good hallways conversations, some about SQL and some on career stuff
  • It was great to see a new SQL speaker from Orlando, Katie Schmidt. Presentation went well and was gracious about accepting feedback. One more from Orlando!