Notes from SQLSaturday Tampa 2019

Late notes!

  • Great signs at the event, all hand written on flip chart paper. Cheap and effective, the “different” nature of the signs made them easy to spot
  • Rooms were scattered again. Not much to be done, we take what’s available, but it does add a little bit of friction
  • The acoustics in the main area are just not great, both for lunch and end of day announcements. Must be a way to make it work better?
  • Lunch time announcements/plugs for sponsors is an interesting idea, but it felt like an interruption of many quiet conversations.
  • The seating area lends itself to birds of a feather (I wish we had this area in Orlando!)
  • I had someone attend my session that had been to an earlier version in 2010 and came back to revisit. A reminder that we seldom see the impact we make when we share ideas, it was nice to hear I had made a difference.
  • Another session attendee remembered me from a consulting visit years ago, my very first consulting engagement. Small world.
  • The event team got started a little late this year, but the execution of the event was terrific!