SQLOrlando Tax Filing

Last year (the first filing) I had my accountant do the filing for SQLOrlando, but this year I wanted to do it myself. Last week I tried and the site wasn’t available due to the government shutdown, so I tried again today and it was operational.

First I had to set up an account. Enter your name, email address, wait for the code to arrive in email. Set up a username and password, then enter the tax id and you’re on the main form. You basically confirm the org is still alive and is under $50k in revenue, then enter the corporate address and the name of the filing officer and their address – then submit. Slow internet connection not counting, it’s a five minute exercise. I saved a screenshot and uploaded to the Finance\Taxes folder.

Easy enough. Having done that part though, I realized I’m not clear on whether there is a Florida filing required or what would trigger one, so I need to go find the paperwork at home and email the accountant just to be sure. I’ll update this post when I get the answer.

Sort of related to this, there is an “annual report” that you have to file for Florida corporations. Basically going to the site, entering the taxid, confirming who is filing, and paying the fee of $61.25. Easy enough.