Farewell, Robert Davis

Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier) died on Monday. A great technical guy, he did a lot of writing and presenting and answering questions over the years, shared a lot of knowledge and hard won lessons about working with SQL.  For years to come people will be trying to find an answer and will hit one of his answers. It’s good to make a difference, and to keep making a difference. A good legacy.

I always try to find that one “best” memory and for Robert it was easy to find, a bunch of us in a van going somewhere, clowning and relaxing in the back with Robert up front in the passenger seat being quiet, then all of a sudden he jumps in with a great and unexpected joke that had us rolling. I’ll sure missing seeing him at the Summit.

There’s a memorial fund set up for Robert that will help his wife get through the dark days of the next week and next month. I hope you’ll contribute something, because you knew him, or read his work, or just because he was a SQL guy and we’re all connected. Don’t sweat the amount, it all adds up, and it feels good to do something.

2 thoughts on “Farewell, Robert Davis

  1. I am very saddened to hear of his passing, as I always appreciated his knowledge, experience and written articles over many years. I never met him nor have heard him present in person, but always imagined he was a good and sincere man. Please send me a link in order to contribute for his Family.

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