Farewell, Robert Davis

Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier) died on Monday. A great technical guy, he did a lot of writing and presenting and answering questions over the years, shared a lot of knowledge and hard won lessons about working with SQL.  For years to come people will be trying to find an answer and will hit one of his […]

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Farewell Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie was the DJ of Mix 105 here in Orlando for an astounding 24 years and that’s been the main station I listen to for about the same amount of time. Curiously I don’t know who was there before Scott. You know how it works, you scan stations until you find something you like […]

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Farewell Brook Ranne

For members of the SQL community in Orlando and Chicago you’ve probably heard that Brook Ranne died on March 29, 2014. Brook was part of our group here in Orlando, someone growing into SQL Server and always ready to volunteer, especially at SQLSaturday Orlando and Tampa where she was almost always managing the check-ins. She […]

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Farewell Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy died yesterday. I’ve been reading his books for a long time and I think I’ve read them all more than once. It was good entertainment for sure, it was fun to watch characters evolve and to watch his writing evolve, and it was interesting to see him translate the challenges of the real […]

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