Notes on SQLSaturday Tampa 2018

Quick notes:

  • Same location as previous years, good!
  • Parking was same place, but it was confused by a pay-to-park event on the same day. The attendants knew to let SQLSaturday attendees in at new charge, but I’m betting a few paid without asking or turned away
  • Some of the rooms were in an adjacent building. Not far, but not obvious either. Signs could have been a little better on that part.
  • 10th anniversary! Kudos to Pam Shaw for being the lead player across all these years!
  • Team coming together nicely around Pam and Jason, its good to see.
  • Pam gave out pins for 5 year and 10 year attendees. Not something I had thought of doing, is interesting. Lots of 5 year attendees, only 3 (I am one of the three) had been to all 10 events.
  • Speaker dinner location was decent, a local restaurant, good room to move around to talk to people
  • Jason mentioned he found good deals locally on both sign printing and shirts, a good reminder to look local
  • I did one presentation on Devops, went well, but it remains for me a difficult topic to convey in a useful way