Notes on Orlando Code Camp 2018

  • Good crowd, well organized
  • Took down registration early, perhaps 10 am, and that confused a few late(r) attendees (I like to keep the table staffed until after lunch, not just for check-in but also as a focal point if someone needs assistance)
  • Lunch was Jason’s Deli. Simple, good.
  • More staffing companies as sponsors this year, fewer tool/solution vendors on site (I think this will be the trend going forward)
  • Biggest sorta-fail of my presentation career, I was doing a session on Profiler and didn’t realize it was running on a date limited edition of the engine. Luckily I was able to borrow a laptop and continue. Painful.
  • Attended a session on Kubernetes and one on Docker, both remain interesting if not a big focus for DBA’s.

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