Networking Dinner at the 2016 PASS Summit

Steve Jones & I are organizing our 7th annual networking dinner on Monday night, October 24th in Seattle. We’re changing the formula just a little this year in an effort to work better with the hosting restaurant – it’s hard to absorb 200 people showing up all at the same time. We’ve set up four different Eventbrite events for arrival times of 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30. Pick the one that works best with your schedule.

We’re not going to make you wait if you arrive early or make you leave when the next seating starts! We’ll do our best to get you seated when you arrive and if we exceed capacity we’ll try to send groups to near by restaurants.

Come with friends or let us introduce you to some new people. It’s a fun, relaxing, low pressure way to start a great week.

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