Notes From the April 19, 2016 Pinellas SQL Meeting

I drove to Clearwater (and back) yesterday to attend and present to the Pinellas SQL group. Misc notes from the trip:

  • Started my trip at 2pm because Tampa traffic is very heavy after 4. Crossing the bridge (it’s a long bridge) there was an accident on the other side, traffic stopped. For once I was on the right side of the road.
  • Meetings are held at the Juvenile Welfare Board office. That doesn’t sound good, but it’s a modern space and a great meeting room. Very large displays  mounted around the room, plenty of seats, even a tiny kitchen area. Very nice.
  • Jason Carter leads the group now and did a nice job of going through the meeting deck talking about PASS and upcoming events. Special note; he had a slide showing speaker & topic for the next meeting. That’s powerful, but it depends on having the speaker lined up!
  • Presentation went ok. I think this was the best audience I’ve had for questions, good ones!
  • Dinner was pizza courtesy of a local staffing company that came through when a sponsor was needed. Oh, and salad, and cookies.
  • After party is at a sports bar that is several (4?) miles down the road. Further than I’d recommend (because attendance drops off the further you go) but almost everyone goes by it on their way back home, so it works out. Was able to help someone solve a problem while I was there and offer a suggestion on a different problem.
  • Trip home wasn’t bad. No traffic until just outside of Orlando, so I was home just after 11:30.